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Smart Technology

RIFT Actuators Ltd supplies the latest range of innovative smart valve actuators, which incorporate cutting edge analytic features.  Through our direct feedback software link our customers can access data within the actuator that provides current valve health status, real time valve information on a phone, tablet, or PC and helps to reduce valve downtime. 

The innovative design of our RAS, RAM, RAL RSUB Series’ have a single glass reinforced nylon housing containing the RIFT motor system and gearbox that can be configured to produce a range of output torques from 0-400 Nm (0-3,540 in-lbs.).

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Smart Technology

RIFT, Empower Efficiency

At RIFT Actuators we engineer technology with efficiency and operability in mind. Our range of Actuators offer technologically advanced features that allows us to lead the way for innovation.


Our technology alleviates the manual process involved with valve operation. Our system can provide our customers with real-time data such as open and close cycles, current valve deterioration and other key analytics.


We can supply an exact specification and configuration that meets your requirements. Our innovative technology allows you to operate and track all your valves from a computer, tablet and even mobile device.

Intelligent Control

Our actuators intelligent software boasts several features that aid in the life span of a valve. Functions such as wiggle to clear seals and Multi Turn with speed options can not only prolong valve life but increase efficiency.

RIFT provides sales, manufacturing and technical support to our worldwide customers from our offices in the UK and the USA.  Our valve automation experts are happy to assist all customers to provide the right solution for all your project needs.




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All our actuators are made bespoke to fit your exact requirements, choose the specifications that suit you.

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Once your order is placed we manufacture the actuator to your required specification.

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Your actuator will arrive ready to go at the exact requirements placed with your initial order.

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