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Often men and women make wide assumptions about other individuals according to one small detail of these conduct or character. If a lady lets you know she’s a vegan, you may believe that she’d lecture and berate you whenever you ate a burger or a steak.

You can also consider she hugs trees inside her spare-time, does not shave the woman legs and donates 1 / 2 of her income to Save the sharks. In actuality, she might-be lactose intolerant and merely feels healthy whenever she doesn’t consume animal meat. She might miss out the heck out of unusual prime rib while having a closet saturated in fur coats.

Not drinking alcohol also can conjure upwards an overblown image in people’s heads. A fun-loving woman might believe that if you don’t drink, you will determine the woman harshly on her behalf sinful habit of consuming a beer any now and then. She might imagine that you do not always party or let loose and have fun.

She may assume you may spend an hour or so in church everyday, will always be preaching clean living and like to state somewhat prayer before you decide to have sexual intercourse, you will perform with your garments on, the lights completely up and some gospel songs inside back ground.

Just reveal this lady you also are fun-loving and normal in almost every method, and reveal to this lady in a not-too-serious method the reasons why you choose to not drink. Based on your cause, in ways something such as, “I’ve seen what drinking may do to household, thus I merely decided a long time ago that i will avoid it.”



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