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When it is checking for ‘bad blocks’, it is checking that every byte on the drive is working correctly. There is no need to use this unless you want to make sure that every piece of the drive is working. Um, coz it’s probably checking each sector for bad blocks as you instructed it. Now the ISO, with ~3.3 GB install.wim, should be put on the USB using Terminal or UNetbootin or other application. Apparently, an older version of the Windows Media Creation Tool runs well in wine.Download the 2004 version of Windows Media Creation Tool. Ages ago, I had an EXFAT drive that Windows 10 simply wouldn’t recognize.

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After edition and language selection, it will fetch download link from Microsoft website. Copy the download link and paste it to a web browser to download Windows 10 ISO image. As you can see, installing Windows 10 on a new computer isn’t all too difficult. Now that you know how to install Windows 10 from a USB drive, you can do so on your computer.


Here are the ways to fix Windows 11 lag after an update. Top 6 Ways to Fix Intel Graphics Panel Not Showing After… Are you not able to access the Intel Graphics panel following the Windows 11 update? Follow the methods in the post and fix the issue. You can also make Windows 11 fetch and update the best graphics driver for your computer. Microsoft usually skips them with the main update.

  • In this article, I describe sales intelligence tools and how they’re used in business.
  • The editor lets you customize your clips with all the effects and transitions you would expect from a professional editor like After Effects – but free and easy to use.
  • On the other hand, Apple computers have a Unix-based operating system called macOS.
  • You can record and edit screen videos with OBS Studio without Xbox Game Bar.

If you have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your PC, then you need not look anywhere else for screen recording. Yes, you can record your Windows 10’s screen using PowerPoint. Below is how you can use it to record and save your screen video. On the next page, enable the “Display” toggle on Video Recorder box, and select your screen recording reolsution or set a custom resolution. This software is hugely popular with gamers looking to live-stream to sites like YouTube Live, Mixer, and Twitch. Features include the option to record the entire screen or a chosen section, customizable hotkeys, and screencasting.

Clear All Caches and Free Up Disk Space in Windows 8

I like it and I have a WD sata drive on the way and I’ll keep tinkering with it. This also could be an issue with the Win 7 SP164bit ISO I purchased.Although it installs and runs just fine within the Vbox emulation. It may not contain all the necessary drivers.Or,I may be shutting the terminal down too early or too late.Part of the fun of learning. I’m running into an issue for the final step.

Download the Windows installation media from the Microsoft’s official website. As a Windows PC is booting, you may be able to interrupt the boot sequence before the Windows loader gets going by striking a function or special key on that machine. On my newer Lenovo PCs, the BIOS tells me that striking the proverbial “any” key will interrupt initial boot-up. If I take that route, I must then strike the F12 function key to get to an alternate boot menu. The process is complete, and now you have Windows 10 successfully set up on a bootable USB drive. You can use this USB drive on as many computers as you like.


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