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RAL 300

RAL 600

RAL 600

An innovative new Electric Actuator from RIFT Actuators, featuring an incredible flexibility in its configurable feature set including – rugged design suitable for harsh environments, physical and battery (super capacitor option) manual over ride, hardened high visibility mechanical position indicator, local controls, visible error detection, configurable stem sheer, failsafe (open / close / angle), modulation (4-20ma, 0-10V), custom speed of operation and part turn / multi-turn or linear conversion, custom torque profiles, to name a few.

Capable of being mounted in any orientation and running from a 5W power supply this actuator provides unparalleled options while still being easy to use and easy to commission through our software application. With the add on options of RIFT Analytics there is nothing on the market like it. Upon release, this will be initially available in torque ratings of 300Nm & 600Nm.

New Products In Development

We are currently in the process of developing a range of new products, including our RAL300 and RAL600 Actuator models.

Stay up to date and follow us on our Social Media accounts where we will be announcing the arrival of some of these products!