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Within the Valve and Processing industry you will expect to find a whole host of applications in which Actuation is needed. In this article I will show you what our RIFT Actuator SMART Features are.

What is an Actuator?

By definition ‘An actuator is a component of a machine that is responsible for moving and controlling a mechanism or system, for example by opening a valve.’

You can expect to find an Actuator within many practical applications. From fire suppression systems all the way to fluid control.

In many applications you might be likely to find a basic on/off Actuator with a Failsafe feature. You may ask ‘what is a failsafe feature?’ Below I will go into more detail and explain to you not only what the Failsafe feature does but also what our other SMART Features do.

What is a RIFT Actuator?

RIFT Actuators

RAL (Left), RAS (Middle), RAM (Right)

By definition a RIFT Actuator is a SMART valve Electric Actuator. Our Actuators come with Bluetooth capability, enabling on-site engineers to pair our Actuators with any Android device.

Every RIFT Actuator is designed to have a single glass reinforced Nylon housing with an inner working model comprised of our RIFT Motor System and a gearbox, enabling our Actuators to reach torque ranges of up to 400 Nm.

To find out more about our Actuators and their capabilities, click on the names below and they will take you directly to each Actuator.

What are RIFT Actuators SMART Features?

RIFT Actuators’ SMART Features are configurable options that allow our customers to tailor their Actuators to suit their needs. These same SMART Features allow for feedback which show advanced diagnostics.

In total RIFT Actuators offers up to 8 SMART Features:

Below is an example of each of those SMART Features:

Failsafe SMART Feature


‘Failsafe’ is more so one of our safety features that we offer to our customers. This is a brilliant feature to enable, especially when working within those crucial industries that deliver a service to others.

Modulation SMART Feature


Modulation enables an Actuator to open a valve at any position between 0-100% open/closed.

Multiturn SMART Feature


‘Multi-Turn’ is a feature that allows for greater rotations than 360 degrees. This can allow our Actuators to rotate multiple times.

Offgrid Timer SMART Feature


Our Offgrid Timer feature will enable a user to manually program the Actuators settings to allow for the control of the Actuator when no external control is available.

Process Control SMART Feature


Process Control is a way of directly connecting a sensor input to the Actuator to regulate a system.

Speed Control SMART Feature


RIFT Actuators ‘Speed Control’ feature allows for movement to be set manually to any of our Actuators. You set the speed manually through the control of our RIFT Actuators App and once the speed is set, it will in turn run automatically to a given speed through 90 degrees.

Torque Limit SMART Feature


Our Torque Limit feature offers the option for the end user to customise the maximum torque. This feature alongside many of our other features acts as a safety mechanism. It can help to protect the valve that is in use by one of our RIFT Actuators.

Wiggle SMART Feature


This feature is one of our more popular ones. It enables one of our Actuators to be set to any pre-determined angle specified by the user. As a result, this would prevent any type of valve seizure, or even in worst cases, any foreign body build up. This again is a feature to aid the user in keeping their valves in the best condition possible.

If you’re looking to spec you’re own Electric Actuator, click on the button below to go to our Actuator configurator.

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