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Innovative Electric Actuator Techology
For All Valve Types

innovative solutions

Innovative Solutions

RIFT Actuators supplies the latest range of innovative SMART Actuator solutions.  Our actuators are perfect for all automated applications across a wide range of different industries
project partner

Project Partner

Choose RIFT as your project partner to facilitate all of your Actuator needs.  We supply anything from Smart Electric to Pneumatic actuators in our comprehensive range

technical support

Technical Support

We pride ourselves on offering the best service possible. especially when it comes to providing technical support to our customers in different industries at home and abroad

universal industry applications

Industry Applications

Our RIFT Product range now encompasses both a range of Electrical and Pneumatic Smart valve Actuators, with an array of unique features that are applicable to a host of applications


RIFT Actuators Ltd supply a range of ‘unique’ and ‘smart’ valve Actuators for a host of applications that cover a wide array of industries. We offer both Electric and Pneumatic Actuator packages, which cover a torque rating of 0 – 2,000Nm. Our Actuators are completely bespoke and can be configured to suit your application & budget requirements.

RIFT Smart Actuators offer torque ratings of 0- 600Nm with a host of unique ‘smart’ features, including some industry standards in Failsafe, Modulation and Multiturn. This is our premium range tailored to suit your requirements.

RIFT Electric Actuators are capable of operating between 0-2,000Nm. They are supplied in three formats: Regular, Premium & Premium Multiturn to suit our customers applications and budgets.

RIFT Pneumatic Actuators are capable of operating between 10-1200Nm. We supply Scotch Yoke and Rack & Pinon. Both Actuators are available in Spring Return and Double Acting

We can also offer ancillary component accessories, please contact our sales team for more information.


energy saving

Energy Saving

Our patented technology
provides the energy saving
solution capabilities. We can
lower your overall energy
consumption through our
RIFT E-Motors. 

advanced technology

Advanced Technology

Our SMART Actuators can provide
our customers with
real-time data such as open and
close cycles, current valve
deterioration and other key

fully customisable

Fully Customisable

Fully customise any one of our
Actuators to accommodate your
bespoke application


Sustainable Materials

All of our products are
manufactured using fully
recyclable composites