RSUB Actuator

From the heart of rural England emerges RIFT Actuators, a pioneering force poised to reshape the landscape of industrial valve actuation.

Introducing the world’s first SubSea Actuator, engineered for part turn and Multiturn applications. With a comprehensive array of SMART Feature capabilities, it undergoes hyperbaric testing to 850m and boasts certification to 750m. This technological marvel is meticulously designed for both shallow sea operations and submerged actuation ventures.

Among the remarkable projects RIFT Actuators has undertaken is the Marine Power Systems (MPS) WaveSub initiative. Over nearly a decade, MPS has dedicated its research and development efforts to engineer an affordable, scalable, and dependable solution to wave energy. The RIFT Actuators RSUB Electric Actuator collaborates seamlessly with the onboard ballast system.

James O’Donnell, Chief Technical Officer, encapsulated the sentiment, stating, “Our involvement in the WaveSub project aligns harmoniously with our corporate vision of contributing to a sustainable, greener future through the provision of ‘SMART Automated Solutions’.”

Distinguished for their innovation, RIFT Actuators’ products deliver resolutions to the Electric and Pneumatic Actuation challenges that necessitate access to advanced programmable features. Notable amongst these attributes are Failsafe, Modulation, and Wiggle, among others.

Driven by patented technology, the RSUB unveils an unparalleled energy-saving prowess. In a world increasingly attuned to sustainability imperatives, RIFT SMART Actuators emerge as a beacon of energy efficiency, potentially reducing electricity consumption by over 75% compared to other Electric Actuators on the market.