Forging Innovation: The Collaborative Strength of RIFT Actuators and Motion Control Products

In the dynamic landscape of industrial innovation, partnerships that are founded on shared values, expertise, and leadership can lead to remarkable synergies. A prominent example of such collaboration is the relationship between RIFT Actuators and Motion Control Products (MCP). United under the guiding vision of a mutual Managing Director, Stephen McKay, these companies have harnessed their collective strengths to drive advancements in the motion control industry. This article delves into the symbiotic connection between RIFT Actuators and MCP, highlighting the strategic leadership that propels both organizations to new horizons.

At the helm of both RIFT Actuators and Motion Control Products stands a visionary leader, Stephen McKay. His deep-rooted commitment to innovation and excellence has not only steered the growth of each entity but has also formed the bridge that intertwines the two together. With extensive experience in the motion control sector, Steve’s leadership has fuelled the mutual aspirations of RIFT Actuators and MCP, fostering a unique alliance that leverages the expertise of both companies.

Complementary Expertise:

RIFT Actuators and MCP each bring a distinct set of strengths to the table, creating a synergy that transcends their individual capabilities. RIFT Actuators is a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying SMART Electric and Pneumatic Actuators, known for its unwavering commitment to precision, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. On the other hand, MCP boasts a rich history of providing world-class Motion Control Solutions, marked by its dedication to engineering excellence and exceptional customer service. This harmonious interplay of expertise forms the foundation of their collaboration.

Driving Innovation Together:

The shared leadership of Stephen McKay has cultivated an environment of innovation within both RIFT Actuators and MCP. This collaboration has led to the exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices, propelling both companies to develop ground-breaking solutions that address the complex challenges of the Motion Control & Automation Industry. Through joint research, development initiatives, and the application of the latest technologies, this partnership continuously pushes the boundaries of what is achievable.


The dynamic partnership between RIFT Actuators and Motion Control Products, united under the visionary leadership of Stephen McKay, epitomizes the potential of collaboration in driving innovation. With complementary expertise, a focus on customer satisfaction, and a mutual commitment to pushing the boundaries of Motion Control Technology, this alliance exemplifies the power of working together to achieve transformative results. As RIFT Actuators and MCP continue to evolve, their shared journey serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when industry leaders unite for a common goal of providing Sustainable, SMART Automated Solutions.

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