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Yes, you do need access to an Android device with Android 8 software or later. However, we are currently working on releasing the RIFT Actuators app to the IOS App store.

Many products contain lithium ion batteries including most modern smart phones and other mobile devices. We use the Philips developed 16850 cell topology in a 4 cell pack, it is a well understood medium power density battery. We have built in over charge, temperature and low voltage protection within our electronics and software.

We would recommend that the battery should be replaced every 3 years, although the battery manufacturer suggests a 5-8 year life without any significant degradation in performance of the battery.

The analogue signal control is only to control the position of the actuator.

External power will need to be provided to supply the battery charging circuit, the Bluetooth module and the Anti Condensation heaters.

The external power supply to either Power open or Power Closed will be a charging supply, if modulation control is activated the control signal will be from this only.

With the RIFT Actuators, we have the ability to enable 0-10V, 4-20mA and 0-20mA analogue control. We have done extensive testing on this system but many of the options like signal sample rates can be configured at the factory, if you have a specific issue please let us know and we can adjust the settings.

The use of our ‘Wiggle’feature would assist you in this instance.

All of our Actuators have the ability to move the desired amount and frequency autonomously, this will not effect the normal general operation. The operational Control request of movement will always override the programmed RIFT Actuator “Wiggle” as programmed but will continue on the next programmed cycle.

Yes, the incoming external power supply is a charging circuit, power supply to the Bluetooth and power for the anti-condensation heaters only

We recommend disconnecting the battery for travel, storage or if a period greater than 6 months is anticipated without power being connected to the unit

In standby with no power connected the unit can be safely operated in manual. From a fully charged battery more than 200 cycles can be done and the unit could be left in standby for greater than 6 months without detriment to the battery, if LED 1 (the top one in the dial) is flashing orange this indicates a low battery situation and the unit should be allowed to charge before normal operation is resumed. (this could indicate a problem with the battery and the factory or distributor should be contacted for a replacement battery, however in most situation an hour on charge is sufficient to regenerate the battery to normal operating conditions).

Our RAS 0-30Nm Actuator is currently the smallest in our range.

This can be done using two methods.

Method 1:

  • Visit and simply fill out the form with the relevant details that are being asked.

Method 2:

  • Open the RIFT Actuators App and on the sign on screen click on the ‘register’ button if you do not already have an account.

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