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  • RAE-P Premium Electric Actuator

    The RAE-P is the RIFT range of premium electric actuators.  Most of these products have hand wheel operation for when the actuator is being over-ridden. We cover a huge variation in torque levels with this range, from 10 Nm at the bottom to a huge 1200 Nm at the top.

  • RAE-PM Premium Multi-turn Actuator

    This is the RIFT premium multi-turn actuator, which is often used in mining or the oil and gas industries.  This family of actuators can also be used for part turn applications.  These are robust and reliable units capable of long service lives in a wide range of applications.

  • RAE-R Regular Electric Actuator

    RAE-R is the RIFT range of regular electric actuator.  These are tool operated with an allen key or a spanner when the electric operation is being over-ridden.